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James Marks Academy

James Marks Academy is a county wide provision in Welwyn Garden City. It is part of the James Marks Academy Trust alongside Roman Fields Academy and Forest House Education Centre.  In 2018, Roman Fields was nominated for, and subsequently won, the National Autistic Society's most prestigious award for the education sector; their 2018 Excellence award. In early 2019, Roman Fields received an Ofsted report in which we were graded "Outstanding" in all areas. 

In 2020 we received confirmation from the DfE that our bid to run a SEN free school, in Welwyn, had been successful. In April 2021, we 'academised' and the new James Marks Academy Trust was formed. The Roman Fields Academy was joined by Forest House Education Centre in September 2022, and whilst we await a construction completion date for the new purpose built James Marks Academy, special free school in September 2024; we have permission to open on a temporary basis, on our Roman Fields site, from September 2023. 

Please note- we will not have an Ofsted report that relates directly to the James Marks Academy until term 7 of operation. When reports and professionals/ parents are quoted on this site, these comments are directly attributable to Roman Fields and NOT our new academy. 

Aspirational for those with Diverse Needs

“Allowing pupils to thrive by having high expectations and never accepting that an educational need becomes an educational deficit”

Click the boxes to learn about our pupils journey.

  • Experience a very different and supportive educational setting and ethos.
  • Identify a passion or interest that I can enjoy away from my family home.
  • Share and show what I am able to do with others.
  • Overcoming barriers to learning.
  • Bridging the gaps in my knowledge.
  • Developing social skills, reducing anxieties and developing confidence.
  • Moving forward with help and support.
  • Developing my independence.
  • Challenging myself.
  • Gain qualifications and accreditations.
  • Celebrate my achievements and successes.
  • Begin to voice and focus on what I would like to do next.
  • Being supported to progress and move onto my next setting.
  • Recognising and identifying the progress that I have made since being here.
  • Reflecting on my personal growth and how I have changed.
James Marks Academy home page

James Marks


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