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"The curriculum is skilfully designed to focus on pupils’ individual needs and stages of development. Stimulating themes capture pupils’ interest and ensure that they make outstanding progress across all subjects." ... "This is because the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individual students exceptionally well." ... "Leaders have made continual refinements to their assessment systems. Leaders set accurate targets for pupils and monitor pupils’ progress against these targets thoroughly." - Ofsted 2019

Each pupil attending James Marks Academy is provided with a bespoke and personalised curriculum co-constructed around their needs and interests.

Below is an example of courses and qualifications offered at Roman Fields (part of JMAT).  GCSE courses and qualifications are changing to meet new Government standards. Please click on the grade conversion charts to see how the new 9 – 1 assessment system converts to the levels used at Roman Fields.


Curriculum Offer 2022 - 2023 

James Marks Academy home page

James Marks


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