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James Marks Academy


"Staff are skilled and successful in helping to keep pupils safe. Pupils are taught well about unsafe situations and how to stay safe. They also receive appropriate guidance about e-safety and the dangers of extremism and radicalisation." - OFSTED 2019

In today's world, the Internet provides a vast range of opportunities for both work and play.  At James Marks Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils can make safe and confident use of the new technology. For our part,  we filter and monitor Internet access, thus giving e-safety the highest possible profile.  We know that safe use of technology is most effective when what is learned is reinforced at home, and we appreciate parental support with this.  We have pupils who are exceptionally vulnerable and so we must be extra vigilant when it comes to internet/social media use.  Please use the following resources to increase your knowledge and understanding.

James Marks Academy home page

James Marks


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