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James Marks Academy

Times of school day

Pupils normally join us on an integration timetable, which is discussed with parents and pupils and designed by our Integration Manager alongside our Deputy Head.  They take into consideration the pupils' needs alongside the master timetable. 

Individual integration timetables are there to support each pupil's transition into James Marks Academy, as they move towards a full timetable. At each stage, our Integration Manager will work collaboratively with parents and pupils to ensure a successful transition.  

Below are the times of a typical school day - NB: for the first year when James Marks Academy is on the Roman Fields site, there will be an early start and finish time:

08:30 Registration
08:35 AM1
09:35 AM2
10:40 AM3
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Registration
12:30 PM1
13:25 PM2
14:25 End of day


James Marks Academy home page

James Marks


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